It’s My Birthday And I’ll SMILE If I Want To!

It’s My Birthday And I’ll SMILE If I Want To!

It’s my birthday and I’ll SMILE if I want to!

Crying on one’s birthday always sounds sad to me.

I can’t be sad about Birthday Week! *Whoop Whoop!* I’m another year young!

Whilst gifts are always appreciated and willingly received, I’m going to go slightly sappy and say that it really is the love, support and togetherness of family and friends that is most important.

Note to Hubby: In no way do you take the above disclosure as an excuse to return to sender the present I know you have hidden away for me!

With that in mind, here is a little shout out to the people who light me up each day and do more for me than I could ever possibly thank them for.

I’m going to kick off the accolades with Master Horus because I know you lot. You will turn it into a popularity contest. The competitive streaks will surface and I’m going to start getting messages like, “Hey! You listed XX ahead of ME on your list?!”

I’m Switzerland. I randomly drew your names out of a hat. And just for the record, Master Horus is my favourite.

Master Horus, aka Tickeroo.

My ever constant shadow and Mumma’s boy. Thanks for keeping me on my toes and making your thoughts extremely clear when I’ve stepped out of line. We won’t bring up #BickieGate again! 

Heeeeyyyyy Bruvva!

I’m always going to be older than you but luckily (for me!) I look younger than you. Ha! You didn’t see that one coming! #OurInvisibleFight

My Online Community.

Thank you for your continued support with reading my ramblings, engaging discussions and virtual high-fives. It means more to me than you will ever know.


We need to talk. I’m just not getting enough juicy ideas from you to share in the public arena. The last time I featured you was waaaaaaayyy back in November 2014. That’s website archives! I mean c’mon, do you want me to succeed or not?


My partner in life and crime. Whilst you don’t provide me with as much entertaining fodder to incorporate into my writing as your mother-in-law does, you still hold the trophy for “The muse who had an article go viral.” 

Psst! I’m still gonna be weird. Going up a number in age won’t change that! #belessweirdhellsno!

My Maintenance Gal (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner), Melissa.

I bet you’re thinking that I should have come with some sort of Disclosure Policy before you took me on as a client. Hee hee, sucks to be you! You’re stuck with me!

My Besties. 

After a few false starts we have got our dinner dates down to a fine art. Gone are the days of me circling the city for 25 minutes on a Friday night looking for a close park. You must love me!


To my trusty sidekick, a.k.a.  “I-may-be-a-vego-but-I-will-slap-fish-over-you-if-I-thought-it-would-work” Muvva.

Never change. My page views have skyrocketed because of your stories. I’ll keep you around!

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee! Thanks for the memories!

Psst! While we are on the Birthday Train…Flashback to Starbrite Warrior’s first birthday last year with a few stills from the video that Master Horus and I starred in

It’s my birthday and I’ll SMILE if I want to! Crying on one’s birthday always sounds sad to me. I can’t be sad about Birthday Week! *Whoop Whoop!*’s my birthday and I’ll SMILE if I want to! Crying on one’s birthday always sounds sad to me. I can’t be sad about Birthday Week! *Whoop Whoop!*

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44 Responses to It’s My Birthday And I’ll SMILE If I Want To!

    • Thanks Courtney! I had a great time acknowledging the special people in my life – albeit in a slightly unorthodox manner given I also poked fun at them! Not that they would expect anything less from me, lol!

    • Thank you Aarika! My friends and family loved it and there was a lot of tongue-in-cheek stick about the ‘ordering of the accolades.’ Mission accomplished!

  1. This is so sweet, Bree! 🙂 I hope you had an amazing birthday! Warm wishes from Nashville. I see a lot of people doing gratitude posts on birthdays or doing a random acts of kindness day instead of having a big birthday celebration and I think it’s so cool! Definitely gives me inspiration for my birthday later this year…

    • Thank you Krista! I spent the day with family and friends and had a wonderful time. It’s really where it is all at. I say go for the gratitude post / random acts of kindness post on your birthday, it’s something a bit different and it’s a great way to show your appreciation for others. Xx

    • Thanks Karen! It was a fun post to write and I had a smile on my face the entire time. And I giggled a lot as I thought about the individual reactions to my somewhat ‘tongue-in-cheek’ shout outs. Fun times!

  2. Happiest birthday to you sweet lady! So nice of you to thank all the people that love you. Hope you have more birthday candles to blow and cakes to slice. Have a fun filled day with your loved ones!

    • Thank you for the birthday vibes Lynn. 🙂 I certainly indulged in the cake…a mini raw vegan Ferrero Rocher cheesecake that was to-die-for and didn’t last the car ride home. Whoops!

    • Thanks Sabrina! It was a lovely day full of sunshine, laughter and loved ones. Couldn’t ask for anything more. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Starbrite you amazing sparkly shining twinkly dazzling rockstar you! Wishing you another year filled with everything AMAZING FABULOUS & WONDERFUL! May your heart always be filled with happiness & love – & may you continue to joyfully & generously share your Starbrite Warrior journey with us online and beyond♡Love ya!

    • I’m probably going to sound all cliched and thank you doesn’t quite cut it…but thank you and love ya too China Girl! I’m still full from our massive birthday cake fest…mmmm raw chai cheesecake and raw peppermint cheesecake….and to think I have mini versions to call upon in my freezer. Best. Birthday. Present! Xx

    • LOL and now you are near ‘last’ in the comments chain…hmmm…there is a pattern there…!

      Waiting for that live video protest. It’s good for you to practice your videography selfie skills. Loves ya!

    • Thanks Miss Positive Pants! Hope the clan is well and your gorgeous puppies (for want of an expression) don’t get up to toooooo much mischief!

  4. What a cute little post to make! Happy birthday!! I always try to use birthdays as the one day the person gets to do/be/feel/say/have whatever they want! It’s okay to be selfish on your birthday!

    • Thanks Kaley! What a lovely way to approach birthday’s for people. I hope that includes yourself. 🙂

    • Thank you Shann Eva! I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday. Hopefully that doesn’t change the older I get, LOL!

    • It’s all good Cori, the disclaimer was totally tongue-in-cheek. 🙂 There was a bit of jesting over the ‘ordering of accolades,’ but it was all in good fun with lots of laughter. Now I’m waiting for the retaliatory live Facebook video from my Mum…..Oi!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love that you’re being positive and thankful on this day. Sometimes people just want to focus on getting older which drags them down. You should enjoy this day.

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