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Creating A Ripple Effect: I Think You Are Awesome!

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Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy has hit Australian TV airwaves and I’m back in the Grey’s Groove. *Squee!* Here's why I'm McLovin' Grey's Anatomy.

Why I’m McLovin’ Grey’s Anatomy

McLovin’ Grey’s Anatomy? You Bet! I’ve reignited my obsession with Grey’s Anatomy over the last week. *Squee!*

"Whaddya do to ya leg?" is what you say to a random stranger in an elevator when you want to make things really awkward. Not!

“Whaddya Do To Ya Leg?”

“May the rest of your day be less awkward than the elevator ride.” – Unknown

Disability FAQ: What NOT to Ask and My (Cheeky) Responses.

Disability FAQ: What NOT to Ask And My (Cheeky) Responses

“I get a lot of questions from strangers who think that because my wheelchair puts me at a lower height,

#MyInvisibleFight Through Pictures: Every day it is the little struggles that change a life. What is your #InvisibleFight?

#MyInvisibleFight Through Pictures

#MyInvisibleFight Through Pictures {This Is Me Being Creative!}. What’s Your #InvisibleFight?  “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need

You could never have imagined...Have you ever thought you should have been someone else? What if the person you are now is so much better...

You Could Never Have Imagined…(A Letter to Self)

I’m participating in a 30 day writing challenge called ‘Write Yourself Alive.’ The task on Day 2 was to write a


IT’S GO TIME! Cue trumpet noises and a celebratory happy dance……Ta Da! It’s Heeerrrrreeee!!! Today, the 29th August 2014, marks