I know, I know, this is a page about essential oils and no pictures of oils. Sand, yes, smiles, yes, but not oils. Just putting it out there that some things are still in progress, LOL!

Any hoo … !

You know when you find your passion and you just get so excited and wanna shout it from the roof tops?

And then you want to go and learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the subject?

That’s me and Aromatherapy, aka Essential Oils.

I found my passion and I dove in deeeeeeep!

I certified as an Essential Oils Coach through the Essential Oil Institute. Then I took it one step further, studying an intensive program, aka my Master Diploma of Aromatherapy, through ACOA (Australian College of Aromatherapy). Bing! I can add more letters after my name now, hee hee!

I did a couple of specialisations in my Master Diploma which relate back to Hormone Health, one of my mega passions. And somewhere in between the Coach certification and the Master Diploma, I certified as an AromaTouch Massage Practitioner. Oils, oils, oils! Psst! If you are in Perth that last part my REALLY interest you … hello, massage!

This part of my online world needs to be fleshed out, there is no doubt about it, and it’s on my list, pinkie swear!

But for now, I’ll say this … high quality therapeutic grade essential oils, the kind I work exclusively with, will help to revitalise your life and change your health for the better.

I know. Big statement. True though!

I’ve played with oils on and off for many, many years. My Mum, a retired nurse who has always had a good streak of natural ‘woo’ (aka has a great appreciation for the holistic world even though she has an allopathic brain), had us plugged into the world of nutrition, aromatherapy and natural ways of supporting oneself.

That being said, I always thought oils had a nice aroma, but beyond the smell, didn’t do much ease.

Oh, how wrong was I! When you work with the best, when you work with pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade essential oils, they can indeed do more than just ‘smell nice.’

What are these gifts of the earth I’m talking about? Why, that would be doTERRA. My not-so-secret weapon.

I teach in-person and online workshops across a variety of subjects, I mentor 1:1 – basically I live and breathe this lifestyle! If you want to know more, if you want to jump on the oily train, please reach out to [email protected]

We really should chat! Bree x