IT’S GO TIME! Cue trumpet noises and a celebratory happy dance……Ta Da! It’s Heeerrrrreeee!!!

Today, the 29th August 2014, marks a new chapter and a great big leap into the unknown with the official launch of Starbrite Warrior!

I’m Bree, creator and founder behind this little star. And so the adventure begins!

Its taken a while……

It has been a labour of love, mixed with a great deal of hair-pulling frustration, to get to this happy day. Love because I am working on my passion; frustration because, well, TECHNOLOGY! Or more accurately, my limited technology skills = many a long day and late night spent googling website terminology (I am now down with the lingo, oh yeah ‘Widget’ that!); watching ‘How to’ YouTube videos; and painstakingly piecing my site together like a little jigsaw puzzle with a few choice expletives along the way.

So the creativity was flowing last night as I put the finishing touches to this post. I was buzzing with adrenaline in the wee hours of the morning thinking of ideas to share, recipes to write, and the usual change-the-world type stuff that everyone thinks about at 1am and is convinced is the best idea ever! C’mon, admit it, you’ve been there too!

But I digress!

So at this point, after celebrating and doing a happy dance with me, you are probably wondering what Starbrite Warrior is all about. Let me enlighten you……

So what’s a Starbrite Warrior I hear you ask?

Starbrite (n) ~ The middle name I bestowed upon myself at the tender age of 5 after feeling deprived that my parents did not give me one. Needless to say the name has stuck…..Bree Starbrite forever more!

Warrior (n) ~ Exactly as the word implies. A Warrior lives inside us all. I have had to be a Warrior with a capital ‘W’  to survive what at times has seemed like a constant ‘shovelling shit up hill’ scenario. Read on to see why!

And Starbrite’s Story?

Starbrite’s Story, aka the classic ‘About Me’ page, was a bloody hard thing to write. It isn’t easy to write about yourself, share some pretty personal stories and connect with your tribe all at the same time. Starbrite’s Story is definitely something you should check out as it gives an insight into what makes me tick and why I am here to empower and inspire change.

The cloud-level version of Starbrite’s Story is as follows:

+ Complete medical meltdown 9 years ago. I’m talking those pearly gates were looming but I was pretty damn determined that it wasn’t my time. Nuh-uh!

+ Multiple hospital visits over the years. I was admitted for various treatments to at least 6 different hospitals in Victoria before I moved across the other side of the country to Western Australia and the clock reset.

+ A looooong road to recovery which still stretches ahead.

+ Self-experimentation with endless holistic therapies. Some have helped, others haven’t, but most have given a good laugh along the way. Think terrible tonics and elixirs; brown smoothies (in the days when I just used to throw everything in the blender because hey, all those superfoods and greens combined into one disgusting mess must still be good for you!); stuck like a pin cushion (acupuncture); crystal healing…..the list goes on!

+ Light bulb moment = “Food is Thy Medicine” (thanks Hippocrates); the Mind, Body, Spirit connection is super important; and Self Care is not an option but a mandatory part of everyday.

+ I found my passion in life. YOU!

It is my mission to help women shine brite and live ah-mazing, possibility-fuelled lives in spite of chronic health-related limitations. To realise that your health problems do not need to define you. I cannot stress that enough. I am not my illness. You are not your illness. You are a WARRIOR and YOU are in charge! 

I hope that by sharing my story and the things that have worked/are working for me will empower you to make the necessary changes in your life to be a healthier, happier you. Because really, you deserve nothing less in this life.

Care to share your thoughts?

Is there something you are stuck or struggling with? Do you have a burning question about health, wellness or healing that I could help answer?

If you care to share, either in the comments below or by sending an email to bree[at]starbritewarrior[dot]com I’ll gear my future blog posts to address those very topics.

A few random tidbits about me

Now that the serious stuff is outta the way, here are some light-hearted, random tidbits about me:

+ My star sign is cancer. And no, I’m not a crab, I’m lovely 🙂

+ I have a love of all things owl-related. I am certainly a night-owl as I finished off this piece in the wee hours of the morning!

+ Motorized wheelchair races are fun. I am a hoon and I play dirty so watch out! That’ll do for now, got to save something for a future post!

Let your star shine brite my fellow Warriors

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