“Tallyho!” Daily Love Notes From The Universe

“Tallyho!” Daily Love Notes From The Universe

How can one not help but fall in love when inspirational (and sometimes a much-needed kick-up-the-butt) messages light up your inbox each day?

Answer: It’s really freakin’ difficult! And why would you want to fight that lovin’ feeling?

I know I certainly can’t. I won’t.

When TUT (The Universe Talks) came tumbling into my life nearly 18 months ago, there was an instant attraction.

One of those, “Where have you been all of my life?” type moments.

Written by Mike Dooley, TUT’s Notes From The Universe are short, humorous and personalised reminders of life’s daily magic and the inherent power that lives in us all.

TUT’s Notes From The Universe always seem to be exactly what I need on any given day.

They serve to remind me of something I inherently know but just haven’t managed to join all the dots on.

Not to mention TUT is just downright funny.

How many emails do you receive that end with a cheery “Tallyho!” “Hubba Hubba,” or “Yeah, that outta light a fire!” – I’m guessing not too many!

TUT is also very considerate; he sends through a personalised note and gift on your birthday. No chance of TUT forgetting your big day! He’s starting to sound more and more perfect by the minute! Watch out Hubby!

When I first signed up for my daily dose of love n’ inspiration, I completed a mini questionnaire where I shared a few of my goals, dreams, challenges and struggles. This information is occasionally added to my daily Note From The Universe in a way that really makes it “speak” directly to me.

Like this one:

“Sometimes, Bree, the person whose life looks the easiest, has had it the hardest, but they’re just really good at not dwelling on the past, keeping busy in the moment and rolling “like that.” And I know you know what I mean. Proud like a farmer in the spring after it rains, The Universe.” © Mike Dooley, www.tut.com

Oh yes, TUT, I definitely know what you mean!

More “Universe woo-woo” for the Hubs to roll his eyes and tell me to “Be less weird!”

My day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get at least one utterance of that phrase out of him!

Your turn! What did you think of this post? Do you think you will click on over to TUT and sign up for daily love Notes From The Universe?


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32 Replies to ““Tallyho!” Daily Love Notes From The Universe”

  1. I’ve been following Mike for quite a few years (oh, at least eight) and I’ve always loved my Notes From The Universe. TUT came from his t-shirt company – Totally Unique T-shirts – and I love how he reworked it. 🙂

    1. I also love how he reworked and rebranded to become the TUT that we know today. Notes From The Universe rock! Thanks Marie 🙂

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