I’m available for speaking opportunities where I hope to reach out to other women living with invisible illness who want to do more than just simply cope. Contact me at [email protected] to discuss the possibilities!


You can find my articles in publications such as The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddhaelephant journal, The Green Tribe and The Mighty.*Whoop Whoop!*


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Are you ready to unleash the warrior within and shine brite in spite of invisible illness?

Bree Hogan is a certified holistic health coach and the founder of Starbrite Warrior, an online resource and support community for women living with invisible illness who want to do more than just simply cope.

As a young(ish!) woman living with invisible illness for the past 10 years, since the age of 24, Bree gets it – she speaks your language; she crutches and wheels a similar path. Bree knows what it is like to battle with your body; feel limited in your abilities; have your illness invalidated because you “don’t look sick”; and most of all, to want more out of life despite the crap-quota of cards that you have been dealt.

Through her unique mix of realism, positivity, humour and a whole lotta heart, Bree shares her personal, oftentimes confronting (no sugar-coating here!), insights and experiences to help women shine brite and live ah-mazing, possibility-fuelled lives in spite of chronic health-related limitations.

When she isn’t Starbrite-ing it up, Bree can be found doing wheelies around her Hubby in her mobility scooter; playing personal chef and butler to Master Horus (fur-baby); or indulging her love of all things mint and chocolatey.

Starbrite Warrior: Ignite your resilience. Celebrate your spirit.

Connect with Bree at Starbrite Warrior, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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