Taking Stock: April 2016

Taking Stock: April 2016.

Caution! Humour Ahead!

I’ve been out of the blogging game for a couple of weeks now.

Mainly because I’ve been off my blogging game for a couple of weeks now.

Fatigue has been kicking my butt and my brain hasn’t been properly engaged with, well, anything!

Poor Starbrite Warrior is craving a new content hit!

So I thought I’d ease back into the blogosphere with a little light-hearted humour and behind-the-scenes look with the help of some prompts from Pip (Meet Me At Mikes).

It’s called Taking Stock. Here we go!

Making: I’m back on bickie duty for Master Horus (fur-child). I can’t take the stink eye looks any more

Cooking: Umm refer above! Master Horus, your bickies should be ready in approximately 20 hours! (I use the dehydrator).

Drinking: A nice cuppa Ceylon tea.

Reading: I’ve just finished ‘The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor,’(aff) by Sally Armstrong for book club. I haven’t started another book just yet although I have ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’(aff) and ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,’(aff) on order.

Wanting: To be on holiday at a remote tropical location. Drinking a coconut with one of those pretty little umbrella’s sticking out of the top.

Looking: At the Guasha tiger stripe marks all over my back from my latest acupuncture session. Thanks Mel!

Playing: On my phone. What can I say, I’m Gen Y! It’s in my DNA.

Deciding: Whether I change my jamicure. It’s still looking pretty and is only 1 week old…but ya know!

Wishing: I was on holiday at a remote tropical location. Drinking a coconut with one of those pretty little umbrella’s sticking out of the top. #ISoundLikeABrokenRecord

Enjoying: Podcasts! I’m a bit of a late adopter to this one but I’m making up for lost time! Some of my current favourites include my buddy Sarah Jensen’s Rock Your Goals,’ and The Blog Millionaire.’

Waiting: To see if Apple are going to release a new version of the MacBook Air this year. I need a new laptop!

Liking: Pretty pictures on Instagram. *double tap heart icon* Are we friends over there?

Wondering: How many more days of beach weather are left. *sad face* With a forecast of 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) next week I think it’s looking pretty promising for a while yet! *happy face!*

Loving: Black sticky rice soaked in coconut milk and topped with mango, coconut shreds and crunchy cashews is back on the menu at one of my favourite cafe’s after months of hiatus. *Drool* Bring on weekend breakfast noms!

Pondering: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Considering: Changing my jamicureJust because I can. Now to decide which wrap combo I want to wear…choices choices!

Buying: Just nothin’ right now. So boring, right?! I can hear Hubby’s audible sigh of relief.

Watching: I’m still doing my reruns of Grey’s AnatomyCurrently surfing between Season 11 (which I can binge watch on DVD) and Season 12 (which I’m restricted to a once-per-week-only viewing as it’s the current season).

Hoping: I can figure out this whole Twitter and Pinterest thing in the near future and be less random about what I do over there!

Marvelling: At where the year is going. Probably because it’s such a hot topic of conversation and is right up there with the How are you? I’m fine. How are you? I’m fine too,” social exchange.

Cringing: At the “you-me-outside-now-its-rumble-time!” looks Master Horus is giving me in response to what I’m terming the ‘Bickie-Gate’ scandal.

Needing: Sleep. Lots of sleep. And a new laptop!  

Questioning: How I let myself get into the ‘Bickie-Gate’ scandal with Master Horus…

Smelling: Nothing stinky, which is always a good thing!

Wearing: Right now it’s my comfy jimmy jams! I’ll dress up tomorrow…

Following: My Hubby around the house to nag him about something. That’s normal, right?!

Noticing: That I’m getting nowhere with the nagging hubby thing. Time to kick things up a gear!

Knowing: I will be endlessly harassed by Master Horus until ‘Bickie-Gate’ is resolved. Kids!

Admiring: My pretty nails. Can you tell that I have pretty nails on the brain?

Sorting: Out the clutter in our house and making some spare change (thanks eBay!) along the way.

Getting: A numb butt from sitting down for more than 5 minutes. Legs, you aren’t far off!

Bookmarking: The latest newsletter from Alexandra Franzen. I can’t get enough of her writing!

Coveting: A new pair of Nike kicks to get me through the cooler months.

Disliking: Animal abuse. The penalties should be a LOT harsher.

Opening: Master Horus’s bickie jar to prove to him that I really am a slack parent and it is indeed empty. #EpicFail #BetterWorkOnPlanB

Giggling: At Master Horus playing “chicky smash” in the back room in response to the empty bickie jar. It basically involves him being a big bully to his toys (yes there is a rubber chicken, hence the name). He only gets away with it because he’s so cute. And it gives me a reprieve from the stink eye looks!

Feeling: Like I really need that tropical island destination holiday with the coconuts and umbrella drinking straw hats.

Snacking: On homemade bliss balls. Can’t. Stop. *nom nom*

Wishing: Gah! Refer above! I can’t write the holiday or Master Horus thing out anymore or it will lose the funny factor!

Helping: Myself. Nothing wrong prioritising thy self!

Hearing: Hubby’s audible sigh of relief that I’m not buying anything right now. Yeah, that’s not gonna last for too long!

And that’s a wrap!

Now it’s your turn! What’s happening in your world? Comment below!

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40 Replies to “Taking Stock: April 2016”

  1. Gotta love a humorous blog. Especially when similarly chronically fatigued and with chronic pain. What I’d give for a Pina Colada, (put a slug of oral morphine in there) a hammock, soft sand, sunshine (not too hot) gentle breeze off the ocean ….. sigh! I might not get all of that on my holiday to the north west coast of Scotland but, hot damn, it’ll sure be pretty 🙂 Have you seen the beaches?

    I’ve been thinking of blogging.. well, I actually started, then found the subject matter too painful so it stopped … after 2 blogs :/ So now I feel a failure.

    Today completed the 12th and final class of a Psychological Skills & Mindfulness course. Now 6 weeks going solo with a review to follow. Eeks! Somewhat distracted from practice by my four 8 week old kittens having a mad half hour trying to destroy my curtains …. aaarrgggghhhh….. Little darlings. Mummy cat gazing on beatifically. Crazy Cat Nana here telling her to get her children in order. Her Mona Lisa smile tells me she is very pleased with her furry off-springs’ development. Crazy Cat Nana was in tears on Sunday while waving goodbye to 2 of said off-spring as they went to their forever home. (Yes, there were 6) AND I am totally going off on a tangent ….

    I feel your fatigue and you have my empathy.
    Nagging may not work. Try a direct “Please do this for me” and “When do you think you will have that done by?”

    As for Master Horus, should he continue with the stink eye threaten him with store bought biccies;D

    1. Bahaha Shona, threatening Master Horus with store-bought bickies is a great line! I think I would get MEGA stink eye if I did that.

      I love your sense of humour – throw a slug of oral morphine in the pina colada! – I’m having a great ‘ol giggle over here! No I don’t think you will get the beach vibe in Scotland but it certainly will be pretty!

      Try not to be too hard on yourself with the past attempts at blogging. I think you will find the words will flow when they are meant to. I got sick 11 years ago and it was only 2 years ago that I started writing about it. It will come 🙂

      Go the Crazy Cat Nana tangent! Our fur-babies are so important and as-cute-as-buttons so how can we not talk about them? That would have been really upsetting to say bye to the little kidlets, even though you know they are going to loving homes, you have still been the Mumma Bear. Kittens and curtains definitely don’t mix. Hang on, wait, curtains don’t mix with any kind of baby animal…Master Horus used our wooden blinds as a teething toy when he was a pup!

      Good luck with flying solo for your new practice! Xx

  2. Such a cute post, nice to know more about you and looks like you are juggling between too many things! Haha I am wishing the same, that I was on vacation somewhere (preferably with a beach).
    xx, Kusum

    1. Thanks Kusum, it was a fun post to write! And yup, I’ve had to slow it down quite a bit the last few weeks. These things happen 🙂

    1. How could I have forgotten about Problogger?! I love that podcast too, Dia! Such a great resource for bloggers.

      And yup, we definitely all have moments as bloggers when we need to step a way for a little bit. The break can do wonders, even if we may be reluctant to take it to start with!

    1. Hi Dani, yes, this little exercise did help me to get my focus back as it was something light and fun to do. Feeling like my brain has been reattached to my body (aka chronic fatigue flare ebbing off) also helped, lol!

    1. Grey’s Anatomy is the best, Chel! I seem to have DVDs on constant rotation at the moment – much to the disgust of hubby, lol!

  3. You’re making me want a coconut with an umbrella out the top too lol. It sounds like you’re getting yourself out of the blog funk with flare. Fun learning more about you!

    1. Blog funk with flare…I love that Angie!

      Compiling the list was a fun, lighthearted exercise that has definitely helped to put me back in the ‘blogging flow.’ Now to stay there!

    1. I know right, Roxy? Having to wait a whole week until the next episode comes out when it’s on current season is torture! #firstworldproblems!

    1. Haha, love it Neely! I never thought I’d be up for a bigger phone – I loved my iPhone 5 – but when the 6 plus came out I was converted. Now I couldn’t imagine anything smaller!

    1. Haha, a longie but a goodie Cori 🙂 I’m hanging out for the postie to arrive and then I can start the reading relaxation!

    1. I love acupuncture Candy, it’s my absolute staple in my medical maintenance regime. I’ve been going for at least 8 years now.

    1. Ooooh snow! I can say that because it’s hot where I am, lol! Sorry Shann Eva! 😉

      Master Horus did indeed get his snack and has ceased with the “bad mummy” treatment…for now!

    1. Writer’s block really bites Brittany! Doing this fun activity has helped to reactivate the creative thought process (yay!).

  4. I love this post, I may have to use it since I am in a bit of a writers block currently!! And I completely feel you on the coconut drink with an umbrella, get me there NOW!

    1. If you are experiencing writer’s block Meredith you should totally use these prompts to get the creative juices flowing again! I found it helpful and a lot of fun to put together. I might do it with a bit of regularity moving forwards! Definitely need/want/yearn for the coconut drink with umbrella on a tropical island location…I can dream!

    1. Thanks Kelsie 🙂 Definitely action verbs for the win! I know it’s no big deal when the blogging takes a break…at least that’s what I try to tell myself, lol! All in good time…

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