Taking Stock: June 2016

Taking Stock: June 2016.

Caution! Humour Ahead!

I caught up with a good friend on Monday for our weekly tea n’ cake n’ jamz* session.

*Jamz being Jamberry nail wraps, not music, although we did have tunes playing in the background so I guess it was both!

Anyway, my friend made a comment about how much she loves my blog – awwww! I love it too! – and the post that she keeps returning to at the moment is ‘Taking Stock: April 2016.’

She explained that she loved how “off the cuff” it was and the deeper insights it gave her into me as a person.

How can I argue with that?

So here we go again! Taking Stock: June 2016!

Making: A mess? Someone really ought to clean that kitchen…

Cooking: Just nothin’. Like I said, someone really ought to clean that kitchen. I’m calling my union rep to complain about the conditions.

Drinking: Golden (turmeric) mylk.

Reading: The hysterically funny ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,’ (aff) by Jenny Lawson. This book makes my family seem completely functional and a tad boring by comparison! 

Wanting: Umm, how long do you have to hang around and read my list?

Looking: At the number of unread emails in my inbox and thinking, “Hmm, girl, you need to do some unsubscribing and get this thing under control!” The ‘SALE!’ emails are killing me. #TooTempting

Playing: Today’s lessons from the ‘Make Over Your Evenings,’ and ‘Make Over Your Mornings,’ courses. I’m trying to be productive and intentional with my days. I’m off to a flying start getting the lingo right and throwing in words like ‘productive’ and ‘intentional.’

Deciding: Has Master Horus been a good boy? His receiving a treat (bickie) all hinges on this one decision…

Wishing: I was back in Bali.

Liking: Pretty pictures on Instagram. Love that *double tap heart emoticon* feeling. Are we Insty friends yet?

Wondering: If there is a good place to hide in my house. The hubby has a cold, although if you ask him, he will probably tell you that it’s man-flu. Isn’t it always?!

Loving: Big bowls of hearty porridge for breakfast. Quinoa. Oats. Berries. Stewed fruits. Yum!

Pondering: Do I keep growing my pretty pretty curls or cut my hair short? Do I change my manicure or leave it for another week?

Considering: Just giving Master Horus a bickie even if he hasn’t been a good boy all day. My reasons: 1) He’s just so damn cute; 2) We don’t want a repeat of the Bickie Gate scandal and associated Stink Eye treatment; and 3) I clearly have no disciplinary willpower when it comes to my fur-child!

Buying: Car insurance. Oh yeah, excitement plus over here!

Watching: Would you be surprised to hear me say Grey’s Anatomy?! I’m still working my way through Season 12. Hey, it’s not my fault Australia is behind on the airing schedule! No one tell me what happens in the season final!

Hoping: No one spills the beans on the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 final episode. Play nice peeps!

Marvelling: At how well the Chronic Illness Blogger interview series is going. Ok, that’s a lie, I always knew it was going to be a success with the awesome peeps who are being featured! *giggles* Want to get caught up? Read the latest posts here and here

Cringing: At the pile of paperwork on my desk that needs filing. Someone really should deal with that.

Needing: More time in my day to get everything done. Yes, I’m well aware that I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé. Our names start with the letter ‘B.’ That is where the similarities end. 

Questioning: My sanity. So is Master Horus. #GiveMeTheBickieNowMummy #LetsNotStartBickieGateAgain

Smelling: Essential oils burning in the diffuser. Hubby cold-germs begone! Sorry, man-flu germs begone!

Wearing: Patterned jeans, top, boots, scarf and denim jacket. No, I haven’t done the double denim thing, although I reckon I could totally pull that look off!

Following: All my new best friends on Facebook.

Noticing: Master Horus giving his ear a good scratch. *Sigh* I better go and check the little Tickeroo for bitey critters. [Side Note: Tickeroo is his new nickname after he deemed it a wise move to stick his head in something infested with ticks last week. Kids!].

Knowing: Lots and yet so little. Where did that just come from? #PhilosphyIsNotMyForte

Admiring: People who just go out there and hustle to make it happen. 

Sorting: Out my Pinterest account. I read somewhere that it’s meant to be visually appealing so that’s what I’m doing. Making it visually appealing. Check out the efforts right here.

Getting: Near the end of this list. Lucky you!

Bookmarking: Interesting articles and posts to share on my Facebook page. Are we Facebook BFF’s yet?

Coveting: A new pair of sunnies. Cos a girl can never have enough. I have my eye on the blue Ray-Ban aviators. Upcoming birthday…just puttin’ it out there…

Disliking: That my Hubby is sick. 1) I don’t like to see him sick; and 2) Men don’t tend to make the best patients. I’m suffering!

Opening: Jars are a struggle for me. I try to avoid them wherever possible.

Giggling: At Master Horus’s antics. He just waltzed up to his slumbering father and nose-butted him in the face. Now that’s a wake-up call!

Feeling: Giggly. Ergo the point above about Master Horus and his Daddy.

Snacking: On a super yummy baked apple cake with chia jam that my lovely friend (of the tea n’ cake n’ jamz sessions) made.

Wishing: Upon a star. It’s night time somewhere in the world.

Helping: A friend out. Sarah Jensen is taking her fab program, Rock Your Goals, around Australia this year. Get all the deets right here.

Hearing: The dog from next door bark, bark, bark. Master Horus is so much better on the ears.

And that’s a wrap!

Now it’s your turn! What’s happening in your world? Comment below!

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45 Replies to “Taking Stock: June 2016”

    1. Thanks Ayesha, all the sickness germs are gone from the house! (Unfortunately I ended up getting it, urgh!). Grey’s Anatomy is the best; I’ve just finished watching the season finale which was awesome. Although now I have no more Grey’s to watch…boooooo!

    1. Thanks Kusum! Turmeric milk is so warming in winter and I really can’t get enough of it right now. Binge watching Grey’s is the best, I completely approve. 🙂

  1. I love reading these types of post. It’s such an awesome way to let your audience know what you’ve been up to. Great decision to watch Grey’s it’s one of my all time favs and I’m missing it now that the season has ended.

    1. I love these type of posts for the exact same reason Roxy. Even though we are behind in air-time over here in Australia I guess the plus-side is that I still have a few more weeks to stretch out the Grey’s experience. Unless I cave and go online to watch it!

  2. This is a great post! “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” sounds like a fabulous book. I love learning about new books to check out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s a great read Aarika and I’m excited to check out Jenny’s other book, Furiously Happy. If it’s anything like the first book it’s going to be good!

    1. That’s good Becca – you still have so much Grey’s fun ahead of you! You could ration it out so that you finish watching everything just as Season 13 launches. Or you could just binge-watch. You can’t really go wrong with either option on the table. 🙂

    1. I hear ya Linda! Particularly now that the weather is so cold where I am, Bali would be just lovely right now!

    1. Thanks Kerona, I like my humour too! 😉 These posts are a lot of fun to create and to read. Have a great day!

    2. Starbrite ☆ i agree with the lovely Kerona: 1. I♡this post 2. I have never seen a post like this b4 (or met a super fabby inspirational rockstar kinda chick like u b4!!) 3. I like ur humour! ♡ChinaGirl

      1. How can I argue with such sound logic?! Guess I’ll need to keep up with these posts every couple of months ChinaGirl xx

    1. LOL thanks for restraining yourself Dia – now I don’t have to get mad at you, bahaha! I’m glad to hear that I’ve got some great Grey’s TV watching time ahead of me. Yay! Last year’s exit of McDreamy was a huge shock. Credit to the shows creators, I never saw THAT coming!

      Diffusers are awesome, I have a couple in my house and I have them going pretty much all the time. They are in overdrive at the moment trying to get rid of all the germs in my house! Mine included…urgh!

    1. I agree Cori, I really enjoy the process of writing them and I also love them as a fellow reader. As you say, a great snapshot into what’s going on in life.

    1. Sadly Kate his germs did not stay to himself. I caught my first cold in at least two years and it’s progressed to laryngitis. Aaaarghhh! Poor little Body Gatekeeper must have been seriously overwhelmed as she is usually so good at keeping me healthy.

      Thanks for the invite to your link up party I will definitely check it out.

  3. So fun! I love this post too. I hope your boyfriend’s “man flu” goes away soon and that you don’t catch it. I also love your new series on the blog. So inspiring.

    1. Thanks Shann! Hubby’s man-flu has gone but I caught a cold which subsequently became laryngitis. Grrrr!!

      I’m so pleased you love the new series re: chronic illness bloggers. There is more great stuff to come so stay tuned!

  4. Hi there, this is the first time in stopping by your blog & I love I! So I’m a new follower from the Facebook griup. Hopefully Tickaroo didn’t pick up anymore ticks. I had 1 on my back Monday & freaked out. I love jamberry nail wraps, they are so pretty! Their man flu is the worst, good luck with him. Haha..

    1. Welcome Leslie! It’s lovely to see you over here on the blog. 🙂

      Tickeroo has kept the ticks coming – gah! The initial mass infestation has gone as he received a tick treatment, but each day we check him and pull off between 2-3 new ticks. I’d love to know which bush/tree he is getting them from. I read online that rose geranium oil is a brilliant natural tick repellant for dogs so I’ve ordered some of that. Hopefully that will stop them from getting onto him. Poor little bear. I would have freaked out like you did if I found one on me – yuck! I don’t even like pulling the little buggers off him, that is creepy enough!

      Jamberry nail wraps are sooooo much fun! The wraps last really well but I can’t help but change up my manicure every 1-2 weeks as I just love the designs.

    1. I agree Rachel, some companies make it super hard for you to get off their mailing list. Very sneaky and annoying!

  5. I love when people just go out there and try to make it happen. Why not aim for your dreams – if not you, who will?
    Great post – I always enjoy these!

    1. Exactly Chrissy, if you don’t chase your dreams then no one else will do it for you. Great line!

      I love reading these types of posts too. They give a nice little snapshot into someone’s world.

    1. They surely do Paige! The words ‘Man-flu’ are thrown around a bit too often I think. Trust me, those oils are burning away!

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