Today is the perfect day for a new beginning

Why hello there!

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat in front of this Word Press screen, hammering away on the keyboard, sharing my thoughts with the world.

I’m the type of person who when things are happening, rather than actively share about it in the moment, I go more insular. I process. And then I emerge on the other side.

This is why you haven’t seen content published on here in some time…ok, let’s be real, a long time!

But I’m back, baby!

Like anything, as we grow and change and transform, so too must our online identity. Starbrite Warrior is already an amazing platform, but in order for me to serve you most authentically, to add the most value to your life, it needs a shake-up.

I won’t be putting the site into maintenance mode while these changes happen. I’m going to roll them out as required, live, and you will get the pleasure of seeing the platform evolve.

The perfectionist in me is slightly shuddering at this concept, it would be waaaaaay easier to put the curtain up, to wait, but then a) you could be waiting a while for the site to go live again (hello procrastination!); and b) where is the fun in that?

Let’s leap!

I’m excited for what is coming and hope that you are, too!

Bree xx


Psst! If you want to stay in touch more regularly – aka semi-personal human connection in the form of a newsletter – then pop your details into the bar floating across the top of the screen. I know our inboxes are full to overflowing, so my email contact will be that epic once-a-month type arrangement, because that’s what I personally like myself, and I’m betting you do, too!


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